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About Our Powell Chiropractic Office

Dealing with annoying back pain? Have a stiff neck? If so, then you could benefit from chiropractic care. Unlike prescription drugs, chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to reduce pain and properly heal injuries. If you live in the Powell, TN area and you want to give chiropractic care a try for yourself, then Powell Chiropractic Center is the office to call. Keep reading to learn more information about our clinic, including an overview of our team, the services we offer, and how to contact us to make an appointment.

About Our Powell Chiropractic Office

Meet Our Team

Here at Powell Chiropractic, we are happy to have an exceptional team who has decades of experience in the chiropractic industry. From our lead chiropractor to our receptionist, our whole team is here to provide an outstanding chiropractic experience at every turn. Here is some more information about our team members:

Dr. Donald Wegener

Our office is run by one of the leading chiropractors in the area: Dr. Donald Wegener. Dr. Wegener was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and also attended college at The University of Missouri. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in human anatomy from Logan University, then went on to receive his Doctorate degree from Logan University in 1982. Dr. Wegener is a diplomat of the National Board of Chiropractic examiners and is also the State of Tennessee’s first diplomat of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedist. Donald’s deep history in the field and extensive knowledge make him a very qualified and professional chiropractic professional.

A few other medical professionals on our team includes Tabitha Hovater, who is an Exercise Physiologist from Florida and our Licensed Chiropractic Therapy Assistant and Office Manager.   Carrie Crane is our Licensed Massage Therapist and a Licensed Chiropractic Therapy Assistant.  Anna Scholz comes to us from Poland and is a Licensed Chiropractic Therapy Assistant. She also studied Physical Therapy in Poland.  Cindy Wegener is our Nutrition consultant. She is a retired Licensed Chiropractic Therapy Assistant.  Kendall Bass who is our kind front desk receptionist who will field your questions and calls.

Our Services in Powell

Take a look at some of the services that we provide:

Spinal Manipulation

One of our leading services is spinal manipulation. This involves a wide variety of techniques aimed at reducing pain and properly aligning the spine. Using different levels of thrusts and other special techniques, our chiropractic care effectively adjusts the spine to create long-lasting health benefits. 

Nutritional Counseling

In today’s world, it’s very difficult to receive proper nutrition on a daily basis. In order to help, we provide effective dieting programs and nutritional counseling to help get your nutritional intake on track.

Physical Therapy

From minor injuries to chronic pain, physical therapy has proven to be very effective at reducing pain and restoring the proper function of our joints, bones, and muscles. We are happy to offer high-quality physical therapy treatment options.

Contact us today to learn about the many other services we provide.

Our Hours

  • Monday: 7:00 am-11:45 am, 2:00 pm-5:45 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am-11:45 am, 2:00 pm-4:45 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am-11:45 am, 2:00 pm-5:45 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 7:00 am-11:45 am, 2:00 pm-5:45 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Looking to work with one of the most trusted chiropractors in the Powell area? If so, then Powell Chiropractic is the place to call. Visit our office at 7311 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN 37849, or give us a call at (865) 938-8700 to make an appointment! 


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