Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic Neurology is the use of chiropractic diagnosis and treatment to not only measure but improve the brain and nervous system functions. Diagnostic testing and neurological exams are used to measure each neurological system separately and then the ability for it to work as a whole. Testing may include gait analysis, the use of computers and video to measure the performance of cortical and sensory-motor functioning and the response to environmental stimuli. In the Knoxville area, Powell Chiropractic is the premier chiropractic neurologist to help find nonsurgical but therapeutic ways to improve cognitive, physical and emotional functioning. 


What Can A Chiropractic Neurologist Do For Me?

A Chiropractic Neurologist is trained specifically to understand how to diagnose and manage neurological conditions. A Chiropractic Neurologist puts a high emphasis on neurological rehabilitation that uses natural methods supporting the body's own ability to heal. Powell Chiropractic uses equipment such as a Pulse Electronic magnetic Field Machine (PEMF) and Frequency Specific Microcurrent Machine to assist with treatment.

A Frequency Specific Microcurrent Machine can help with conditions such as concussions, shingles, and headaches. A PEMF uses electrical changes to restore cells to a more healthy condition. It improves metabolism of the cell, increases circulation as blood cells regenerate and more oxygen flows through the body. This therapy reduces pain, inflammation, spasms and helps the body's organs to become stronger. It can help improve joint pain and low back pain. 

What Neurological Conditions Can A Chiropractor Improve?

Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is caused when something puts pressure on the trigeminal nerve. This pressure causes pain in the face and cheek. It can be constant or spastic pain and the slightest touch increases the pain. Powell Chiropractic can help relieve the pressure on the nerve and reduce the pain. Over time, this removes the need for medication. 

Vertigo, which causes dizziness and can have many causes. The dizziness may be constant or show up occasionally. Some types of vertigo are caused by misalignment or damage to the spine, which a chiropractor can improve by realigning the spine. 

Nerve Injury can cause numbness and pain as a result of damage to the nerve. Regular chiropractic care reduces nerve damage and relieves pain and eliminates the need for medicine. 

Why Choose Powell Chiropractic?

Powell Chiropractic is the premier chiropractor in Knoxville and can help address neurological problems as well as many others. Call Powell Chiropractic and schedule an appointment to help resolve your pain or symptoms including those related to learning and attention or developmental disorders. 


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