Chiropractic Treatment for Syncope

Witnessing a loved one fainting can be a truly startling experience. You may be able to address that particular instance of fainting, but it’s natural to be fearful of what may happen if they suffer from that again. If you or a loved one are experiencing fainting spells and you’re in the Powell or Knoxville area, the Powell Chiropractic Center can provide treatment for this condition.


What Is Fainting?

Fainting occurs when the amount of blood flowing into the brain suddenly becomes insufficient. Quick and significant changes to blood pressure and/or heart rate are the most common causes that can lead to your brain not getting enough blood.

Syncope is the medical term often used for fainting and it is actually quite common. Syncope affects around 3 percent of all men and about 3.5 percent of all women. As people age, they become more susceptible to this condition, with around 6 percent of people over 75 being affected.

Part of the reason why the aforementioned condition is so common is that there are different types and causes leading to it. First, there is neurologic syncope and this condition can be brought about by a seizure, stroke, or even migraines in rare cases. Postural syncope can take place when you quickly change the position of your body. An example of this would be fainting from getting out of bed too quickly. Heart problems can also be the reason why someone would be suffering from fainting spells. There is also what is known as vasovagal syncope and that is worth diving deeper into.

What Is Vasovagal Syncope?

The vasovagal or neurocardiogenic form of fainting is the most common kind. It happens when your nerves miscommunicate thus leading to an insufficient amount of blood reaching your brain. There are many causes for vasovagal fainting and some of these include being exposed to high temperatures and excessive amounts of pain. Some people may also faint from the sight of blood or if they are feeling extremely afraid of something. Fainting can also take place if you exercise too much, skip meals, stand for too long, or become dehydrated.

A Chiropractic Neurologist Can Help Prevent Fainting

If you want to help yourself or a relative who has experienced bouts of fainting in the past, consider seeking help from a chiropractor or a chiropractic neurologist. Since problematic nerves can lead to the improper distribution of blood within your body, you can rely on a chiropractor to address that issue. The techniques a chiropractor uses can target injured nerves and improve the overall performance of the nervous system.

Get Help with Fainting Issues Now

If you live in the Knoxville or Powell area, you no longer have to allow fainting issues to go unaddressed. Reach out to the medical professionals at the Powell Chiropractic Center and make your fainting-related problems a thing of the past.


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