Integrated Medicine

Integrative Medicine at Our Health and Wellness Center

There are several different approaches to chiropractic medicine. One of the most popular and effective is integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is a holistic approach, meaning a chiropractor that practices this kind of medicine will take the patient's entire body and life into account when devising a care plan. Integrative medicine will include care at our family practice locations in Knoxville and Powell, as well as advice from a licensed chiropractor at Powell Chiropractic on how to live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about integrative chiropractic medicine, read on.

Holistic Care at Our Family Practice

One aspect of integrative medicine is treatment at our office in the Knoxville area. What sort of treatment you receive depends on your condition and on the professional opinion of our highly skilled chiropractor. Common treatments that we administer in our office include spinal adjustments and massage therapy. Of course, we do have more in-office treatment options. While in-office treatment is important, there's more to integrative care. To learn more about changing your lifestyle to be healthier, see below.

Recommendations for Healthier Living

In addition to administering various treatments at our practice, our chiropractor will also give you professional advice on how to live a healthier life. This may include diet, exercise, sleep, and more aspects of well-being. We also have several effective devices that our patients can purchase and use at home. Many of these devices are designed to help alleviate joint and muscle pain. We will provide you with advice on how to use these devices to achieve the greatest amount of relief possible. We may also recommend certain supplements that can help treat a wide variety of different conditions.

Come Into Our Health and Wellness Center Location in the Powell & Knoxville Area

If you want to receive holistic care from an integrative medicine approach, Powell Chiropractic is your best bet in the area. We have a highly experienced chiropractor at our office who can devise the most effective care plan possible for you based on your entire body and life. To learn more about our approach to holistic care, contact us today. You can call us to speak to one of our associates, who will help you schedule an appointment at a time that works for your life. Contact us today to get on the healthier path.


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